Unclaimed Money

Unclaimed Money (www.unclaimed.com, www.unclaimedassets.com) is an online service that helps people find missing money and unclaimed property. Various government agencies, banks, brokers, insurance companies, etc. are holding billions of dollars in unclaimed funds. Recently, states collected $22.8 billion in missing money and unclaimed property, of which less than $1 billion was claimed by their owners or heirs. Unclaimed assets come about when owners fail to claim abandoned funds over a specified number of years. Financial institutions after this dormancy period transfer custody of unclaimed money to a government trust account. A few facts of unclaimed money and property: you must initiate the search for unclaimed money – you will not be contacted by the holder of the funds, people are often unaware that they even have unclaimed assets, some abandoned fund claims are subject to time limits, unclaimed property claim refund checks average $800 to $100, 1 in 3 life insurance policies go unclaimed on death of the insured. Unclaimed.com charges $18 for its unclaimed money search services. Unclaimed.com’s website had additional information on lost bank accounts, HUD refunds, deposits at failed banks, government pensions, unclaimed life insurance, US savings bonds, lost safe deposit boxes, IRA retirement accounts, missing inheritance, IRS refunds, trust funds, bankruptcy funds, unclaimed pension benefits, etc.

*UnclaimedFreeMoneySearch.com works with unclaimed cash providers, but does not actually provide these services itself.

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